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Radiant Heat Design Services & Capabilities

Fluid Design Solutions prides itself on being able to take a radiant design job from conception to operation. We feel it is this ability that sets us apart from most others. We can offer the following services:

  • Schematic Radiant Design Services - We can provide preliminary scopes up to and including schematic drawings and budgets
  • Complete Design Services - A complete design including a full set of stamped drawings and specifications
  • Turn-Key Solutions - We can provide a complete design, installation of the systems, start-up, and owner's training for start-to-finish sole-source responsibility

There are just as many systems as there are clients. No two are alike. There are, however, some basic system types. Here are a few examples of some of the systems we've provided:

  • High-efficient condensing boilers - These types of boilers are ideal for hydronic radiant floor heating and snowmelt systems. The lower the return fluid temperature, the more efficient the boiler becomes. Some of our radiant heat designs operate around 92% efficiency on design day. The efficiencies go up from there on warmer days.
  • Mid-efficient non-condensing boilers - These types of boiler have minimum return fluid temperatures, so different radiant design parameters and control systems are required to protect the boiler. This type of system can have a lower installation cost, but the energy costs will be higher than a condensing boiler.
  • Waste Oil Boilers - This type of system is ideal for owners that have access to waste oil. Due to the special requirements of this type of boiler, Fluid Design Solutions generally designs from the boiler out. We do work closely with boiler provider to ensure a quality, long-lasting system
  • Controls - We have designed systems to operate from multiple controllers to single, remote accessible controllers. We have the knowledge to provide you with whatever type of control system you need.

Whether you're looking for radiant design services or a turn-key solution, Fluid Design Solutions has the knowledge, the ability and the creativity to make it happen.

Recent Project

Bohemian Air

Fluid Design Solutions worked alongside the Design/Builder to provide over 21,000sqft of radiant hydronic heating and nearly 10,000sqft of hydronic snowmelt. We utilized a high-efficient condensing boiler for the systems, resulting in 94+% boiler efficiency. Fluid Design Solutions provided a complete set of stamped drawings, all of the material, radiant heat installation and start-up/commissioning services for a complete start-to-finish project.

The radiant hangar heating system provides a comfortable work environment for the employees, and the snowmelt system provides safer entrances into the hangar.


Our Clients

Building Owners - Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the most comfortable, most efficient and most safety-conscious radiant heating systems.

Architects - We work alongside your existing mechanical engineer to provide a fully integrated mechanical design, giving you and your customer the comfort in knowing that your radiant heating system and snowmelt system are designed properly and by experts whose only focus is radiant heat design.

Engineers - We provide you the much-needed expertise in radiant heating design. We fully integrate our work with yours to give you a complete system without the worries of manufacturer-specific designs. No more worrying about what to include and what not to include on your drawings and specs.

So, if you're looking to enjoy the comfort of a radiant floor heating system or the ease of mind that comes with snow melting systems, then you've come to the right spot. Fluid Design Solutions is the radiant design expert you've been looking to add to your Team.

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