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Hydronic Heating Applications

Due to its high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, hydronic heating is increasingly used for warehouse heating, hangar heating, heating other large buildings, and in hydronic snow melt systems.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating systems have been around for centuries. They are known to provide efficient, comfortable heat. Hydronic radiant floor heating systems are the most efficient way to heat a space. Utilizing efficient designs and efficient equipment furthers the overall efficiency gained by using a hydronic heating system versus other types of systems. They are also the most comfortable type of heating system. Radiant floor heating systems not only warm the people in the space, but they also heat the objects around them. This helps maintain an even, comfortable heat.

  • Warehouse Heating - The best application for hydronic heating systems is in large warehouse-style buildings. With ceiling heights anywhere from 15' to 40', forced air warehouse heating systems are asked to heat a lot of unoccupied space. Radiant floor heating systems heat from the floor up. This means that the people working in your warehouse are receiving the heat as opposed to the boxes at the top of your shelves.
  • Airplane Hangars - Much like a warehouse, airplane hangars have high ceiling heights. So, the benefits are much the same. An added benefit with airplane hangars is the ability of a properly sized hydronic heating system to handle infiltration loads when the hangar doors are opened and a cold plane is brought inside. Forced air systems quickly lose any heat in the hangar, and overhead hangar heating systems can't recover to warm the workers as quickly as radiant floor heating. These systems are forced to run longer and more often in order to provide, in many cases, a less comfortable heat.

Hydronic Snow Melt Systems

Snow melt systems can be thought of as extravagant. However, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of hydronic snow melt systems - longer lasting pads and sidewalks due to the lack of salt or sand, less operational costs for workers and materials to provide clean entryways, and safer entry into a building for employees and transportation vehicles.

The proper design and the use of quality, efficient equipment can help to ensure a long-lasting, cost effective hydronic snow melt system. There are many different types of snow melt systems, from low-end (keep the shovel and salt handy) to high-end (put the shovel and salt away for good). Fluid Design Solutions can design around your needs no matter what they are.

Some ideal areas for snowmelt are:

  • Lobby entrance ways and vestibules - Keep your nice floors clean and dry for many more years
  • Garage entrances - Keep cars from sliding in and out of the garage
  • Hangar entrances - See above, only bigger and more expensive!
  • Car wash entrances and exits - Stay open while the competition has to close or interrupt service to clear the way
  • Hospital ER Room Entrance Ways - Insure safe and quick passage during critical times.
  • Helicopter Landing Pads - Insure clear landing areas

Recent Project

Bohemian Air

Fluid Design Solutions worked alongside the Design/Builder to provide over 21,000sqft of radiant hydronic heating and nearly 10,000sqft of hydronic snowmelt. We utilized a high-efficient condensing boiler for the systems, resulting in 94+% boiler efficiency. Fluid Design Solutions provided a complete set of stamped drawings, all of the material, radiant heat installation and start-up/commissioning services for a complete start-to-finish project.

The radiant hangar heating system provides a comfortable work environment for the employees, and the snowmelt system provides safer entrances into the hangar.


Our Clients

Building Owners - Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the most comfortable, most efficient and most safety-conscious radiant heating systems.

Architects - We work alongside your existing mechanical engineer to provide a fully integrated mechanical design, giving you and your customer the comfort in knowing that your radiant heating system and snowmelt system are designed properly and by experts whose only focus is radiant heat design.

Engineers - We provide you the much-needed expertise in radiant heating design. We fully integrate our work with yours to give you a complete system without the worries of manufacturer-specific designs. No more worrying about what to include and what not to include on your drawings and specs.

So, if you're looking to enjoy the comfort of a radiant floor heating system or the ease of mind that comes with snow melting systems, then you've come to the right spot. Fluid Design Solutions is the radiant design expert you've been looking to add to your Team.

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